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OMG: You Missed It!

Thank goodness we recorded the whole thing for you!

Request Access to the Recorded Replay

We're preparing the on-demand replay version.

Digital Marketing Day was without a doubt the funnest event we've ever done. We think we'll have to do it again (next year). But don't worrry, you don't have to spend the next year wondering what your life would have been like if you hadn't missed it.

Signup for DMD Recordings and get:

  • 16 Speakers / 16 Sessions: We're taking the best sessions and lining them up for you. You won't miss a minute and you'll be able to watch them as much as you like, on your schedule. 
  • Special Ryan Deiss AMA: It's not too often that you get to talk to a superstar like Ryan Deiss and pick his brain for a half hour... but we did, and you can tune in. 
  • General Good Stuff: Look we can't possibly sell you on the value of 16 sessions. We can just remind you that even one nugget of goodness is worth in growing your business.

We originally were going to offset costs by charging for recordings. We've now decided to make it free!

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